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Shop in Person

Akwaaba specialises in the sale of djembe drums, African handicraft, baskets, textiles, musical instruments, books and lots more! We are pleased to stock Perth's largest and most varied range of authentic, hand carved African djembes. We can also reskin and tune your African drum. The majority of our products are sourced from Ghana and are purchased directly from the person who has made it. So when you purchase from Akwaaba you know that your money is helping support families and communities in Africa. All our products have a story to tell - from the carvings on our djembes to the journey of the Bolga baskets making it to market to be sold. 

We currently trade at the Wanneroo Markets in Wangara, Fridays-Sundays from 9.30am to 4.30pm. The djembes are all hand made - carved in Ghana, skinned and tuned by Paul here in Perth so every one will look and sound different. We do encourage you if possible to come into the shop and choose a drum that you like the sound and also look of. If you are unable to come into the store then we are happy to discuss design and sound then choose on your behalf and post it. 


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