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Akwaaba's team building workshops incorporate the theme embrace the diversity of Earth and all its people.  Within every team there is diversity and it is this very diversity that enhances the strength of a team.  When identified, harnessed and permitted, each individual takes pride in their capacity to contribute to the teams' journey and goal.

​Akwaaba's unique tribal approach to team building involves the use of African drums as a tool for teams to connect, communicate and learn each others gifts.


While Akwaaba uses a combination of drums and movement in our team building workshops, they are not based on people's musical or rhythmical abilities, but are about teamwork, leadership and developing a positive group dynamic.


​Our team building workshops aim to:

  • Break down barriers such as race, language, gender and positioning

  • ​Build personal and team confidence

  • Encourage cooperation

  • Release stress

  • Promote awareness of group dynamics and communication

  • Enhance the synergy of your team

  • Promote individual leadership through highlighting and demonstrating the importance each team member plays in the sound your organisation makes

  • Highlight that unique link between spirit and the fast moving world of just living and working

  • Create spontaneity, fun and laughter

​​We bring inclusion to life within the team environment, as participants are encouraged to explore with the djembe, while remaining an integral part of the group.  Your team/s will identify their individual styles and synchronise with each other to create synergy and your own unique organisational sound.  As the session progresses participants understand that each person plays a significant role in the sound of a rhythm and bring to life the African saying, "Play harmony and they will dance, play chaos and they will leave."

See also our page on school workshops for teacher and staff team building workshops.

African drumming team building workshops Perth
African drumming corporate team building workshops Perth

Thanks very much for your workshop at our recent conference.  Our staff were very enthusiastic with your workshop and thoroughly enjoyed their time with you.

Stephen Larkin, YouthCARE

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