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Corporate Events

​For countless generations, drumming has been used to convey messages of welcome, farewell, gratitude and remembrance. The sound of the djembe drum carries powerful symbols of celebration and energy. Akwaaba brings these traditional and ritual effects to any type of corporate event and we invite organisations to add a unique spin through exposing your target market or community to the tribal and unforgettable sounds of West Africa!

With over 20 years experience, Akwaaba can easily tailor a session to suit your organisational needs and objectives. We work with small, medium and large organisations and can tailor a package suitable for anywhere between 5 to 500+ people. We have a team of African performers to provide an authentic cultural experience. Here are some of the packages we offer:


Group drumming sessions are a great way for delegates to connect on a relaxed level. Each participant will be provided with a traditional African drum to play throughout the session. We can even provide a token gift for delegates to take away with them at the end. Delegates or participants are an important part of any event. Welcome them with the natural sounds that call for their attention and focus at the start of your event, invigorate their energy levels half way through the event or leave an impression and go out with a bang!​

Team Building

Akwaaba's team building workshops incorporate the theme "embrace the diversity of Earth and all its people". Within every team there is diversity and it is this very diversity that enhances the strength of a team. When identified, harnessed and permitted, each individual takes pride in their capacity to contribute to the teams' journey and goal.


More about our team building workshops



​Akwaaba offers roving entertainment, atmospheric drumming and singing as your guests network and performances with some interaction if desired.

African drumming corporate workshops

Paul, you could not have known what a difference the morning's workshop made to me.  I really enjoyed your wonderful stories of your country of birth, the rhythms, the songs and the ingenious instruments. The laughter you generated in the workshop, your energy and obvious enjoyment of teaching and playing were a delight .I am not given to spontaneously hugging people I barely know (I hope you will forgive me for doing so), but I could not resist letting you know how much you fed my soul.  Drumming and singing were enormous fun and I shall seize any opportunity in the future to do some more.  Perhaps dancing, too!


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