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Some of our products are bulky to post so we recommend you come into the shop to purchase them.  

When it comes to buying a djembe, we feel that the drum chooses you, rather than the other way round.  Every djembe will sound a little different.  This is due to the nature of them being hand carved, the type and thickness of the skin and also the tuning.  While the shells are carved by professional drum carvers in Ghana, the skins are all put on once they arrive in Perth.  We source local WA goats to provide the most authentic sound.  As Kofi teaches how to play djembe and also performs with his group Akwaaba, he understands the importance of tuning the drum to give it the best sound possible.  Some drums are quite high and sharp, while others have a deeper tone.  Different tones appeal to different people, which is why we encourage you to play a drum before you buy it so that you're happy with both the look and the sound!  Our djembes range from 8/9 inches to 12/13 inches and come with a bag or hat, depending on stock availability.  Please contact us for pricing and stock availability.

If you are unable to come to the shop, please feel free to contact us and we can advise the best way to get the product to you.

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